A True Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs Story

Arthritis Hip Pain Relief for Callie

We love hearing from our customers! It’s about helping others (and their pets) feel better. It’s about improving quality of life.  We want to thank Suzanne for sharing her story with us. She uses our liquid glucosamine for dogs formula. Her story is touching and gives us hope that we can make an impact in the lives of so many four legged family members. Here is what she had to say:

I have been giving Synflex to my dog for 2 years. Callie is a 6 year old black lab with hip dysplasia.  She is very sensitive to medication and cannot tolerate Rimadyl or other pain medication at full strength for her size.  It upsets her stomach.  Two years ago the vet said she need to have surgery, preferably on both hips, but suggested one at a time.  She had gotten to a point of whimpering every time she got up to walk.  We couldn’t afford surgery and wanted to see what we could do naturally. She takes Synflex every day.  Now that it is winter, I give it to her twice a day, and I’ll back off again once it warms up.  She does not need pain medication, and she does not require surgery at this time.  I am very thankful for Synflex, and so happy for our girl Callie.

Sincerest Thanks,


We are thrilled that Callie does not require surgery and that you have found something that worked for her! Liquid glucosamine for dogs is one way to help improve the lives of our dogs. Knowing that Callie can continue playing with and running warms our hearts! Thanks for sharing!