Arthritis Joint Pain Relief While Sitting in Traffic

Arthritis Pain Remedy on the Go

arthritis joint pain remedyThe holidays are really over now, and it’s back to work for many of us. Whether we’re 30 or 50, we sit in traffic and sometimes we experience that dreadful pain in our legs or our wrists. Some of us get shoulder pain. Who would’ve thought we’d need arthritis joint pain relief as we drive to work, sitting in traffic? It’s a reality many of us  have to face.For those of you who need a refresher, the cartilage between our bones wears away over time. The pain we feel is when our bones are bare (or almost bare) and rubbing against each other. It gets us looking for an arthritis pain remedy so fast, we’re quick to take the closest pain reliever. Although that’s a short term solution, it’s not something that’s good for us long-term.

For long-term arthritis joint pain relief while sitting in traffic and getting through the workday, you need to think big picture. The problem is that our cartilage is disappearing. We need to rebuild our cartilage. They say getting calcium is important, and it is.  What seems to work is taking liquid glucosamine supplements like our Synflex 1500 Original Formula. It helps to rebuild lost cartilage our body lost over time.

Staying active also helps. Now with many of resolving to live healthier lives in the New Year, exercising in the morning will help. Walking or a job in the morning will help you feel better and provide some much needed energy to help you start your day. Stretching is necessary too. Make sure to do that.

If you’re able, stretch in the car when appropriate. If traffic is at a stand still, extend the leg you’re not using while driving. Flex your toes and wrist. That will provide some pain relief as well.

Remember that long-term solutions take time. If you decide to use Synflex, it may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months to see any improvements. It takes time for our bodies to rebuild cartilage.