Arthritis Pain Relief for You and Your Pet

Tyson and His Dad’s Story

Synflex is serious about arthritis joint care.  We were founded out of one man’s need to find the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement to help with his own journey back to healthy joints.  So when we hear stories like Linda’s, we know our efforts are truly making a difference.

dog joint pain

Linda sought dog joint care for her German Shepherd Tyson. He’s only been on Synflex for 9 days. That’s right—only 9 days! Here’s what Linda had to say.

We have seen good results already he is getting up so much easier and wants to play ball and run which he hasn’t done for a while. Thank you for your brilliant product wish I had heard about it sooner. My husband has also started taking it and is also starting to get results. We spent the last 2 days in the garden and I have not heard him complain about aches!!!!

It’s great to know that because Tyson saw results on Synflex for Pets, Linda’s husband started to use the human formula. Synflex not only provides dog joint health pain, but for their owners as well.

If you and your furry friend both suffer from arthritis, Synflex just may be the solution you both need.