Dog Joint Health Care

Mixing Dog Joint Supplements with Food

Dogs can be like children when it comes to taking medicine. They hate it. They spit it out. They have fits. It can be even harder to give a dog medicine because you can’t reason with a dog. If you use topical flea medicine, that’s self explanatory and easy enough. You just apply it on their back. If you have to give pills, you can wrap it in a pill pocket, lunch meat, bread, etc.

But what if your pooch has dog joint pain? What do you give your dog? Pills are easy enough. They could be fooled into thinking it’s a treat. It also depends on the type of pill (supplement vs pain reliever) you’re giving. Pain pills are an easy out, something that should knock out the pain. That comes with unwanted longterm side effects though. Dog joint supplements in the form of pills could work, but they don’t work as well as their liquid counterparts.

Our dog joint supplements work with very little side effects. It’s a liquid so you have to get creative with how you give your dog liquid glucosamine. Synflex comes with a dropper. If you’re lucky, you’ll manage to use the dropper and pry your dogs mouth open to give them their daily dose of dog joint supplements. Others are not so lucky.

Our marketing manager mixes Synflex glucosamine with Purina Dog food. You can mix it with whatever dog food you feed your pooch. Just pour the recommended dosage over the food and mix.  It usually works, especially if you give use Synflex for Pets Beef flavor.