Gluten Free Glucosamine

Arthritis Supplements for a Gluten Free Diet

Gluten has become such a bad word lately. Celiac disease (gluten intolerance in humans) has put a spotlight on gluten free foods. It’s become a trend, even for people who don’t have the disease to go gluten free because it’s healthier.

Celiac Disease
Wheat, barely, and rye are common ingredients we ingest. They are in pastas, breads, and those cookies you can’t seem to give up. People with Celiac disease often complain of abdominal pain and diarrhea. When you eat something with gluten, your small intestines reacts negatively, causing the pain. You don’t absorb the nutrients you’re supposed to be getting, which leaves you open to other problems affecting your brain, nervous system, bones, and liver.

Glucosamine Solution for Arthritis 
If you are living a gluten free lifestyle, but suffer from arthritis, you don’t have do anything to jeopardize your efforts. Synflex liquid glucosamine is gluten free.  You can take it daily and feel safe knowing you’re not going to react badly to it.  Take a daily dosage plain or mix it with a drink. Either way, you can have arthritis joint care with Synflex without worrying about negative reactions because of gluten.