Back Pain Tips

Yes indeed. If you have any form of Osteoarthritis in your back, you have to be very careful when engaging in some activities. Just a few simple tips can give your back a break. Tips that can help you on your way to keeping your joints healthy.

Tips for Lifting objects

To minimize the risk of injury when lifting objects, you always need to bend your knees. And, keep the object you are lifting close to your body. The further away it is, the greater the chance that you will cause an injury. A good rule of thumb is that if you hold a 10 lb. object completely at arm’s length (about 24 inches for most)  you have increased that weight by about two times. You are now lifting a 20 lb. object. And, that 20 pounds is directly putting pressure on your spine.

Adjusting Your activities

If you have a serious back problem, activities like golf, bowling, baseball and tennis can be a big problem. These activities all require sudden twisting movements that increase the risk of injury. It might be best to avoid these activities. You could also modify how you move your body when engaging in these types of activities.

Add a premium Glucosamine product to you daily routine

Glucosamine such as Synflex has been known to be effective in helping keep your joints healthy.

Reducing the risk of further injury to your back if you have OA-related problems is important. Be smart about how you handle your body and give your joints what they need to be healthy.