When You Are Expecting Pain, It Comes

This is a difficult thing to comprehend but “if you think you are going to have pain, you are indeed going to have pain.” So, there is part of your brain that takes your thoughts and turns them into actual pain signals. In fact, it can become a very disabling situation.

Do not let your own thoughts lead you down the road to actually being in pain. It happens and only you can stop it.

There is no single way to handle pain. You can have different pain management issues that are dealt with in different ways by your doctor. And your ability to handle pain is a product of many factors. If you have had pain in the past, you deal with it better than others who are not familiar with pain.

The source of all pain is in your spine. That is where pain messages are sent out to the various parts of your body. You can help yourself if you become educated about your pain and what caused it.

Pain does not have to destroy your life. Not if you take a proactive approach to living with good pain management. To do otherwise is to let pain “win.” That is never the right answer for dealing with pain.

Pain professionals will be the first to tell you that “we don’t stop pain……we just manage it.”