Glucosamine vs. Celebrex®

New clinical findings find that Glucosamine is just as good as the prescription medication.

For all the talk about Glucosamine in recent news articles, a new clinical study has demonstrated that high-quality Glucosamine formulas may be just as effective as the prescription drug, Celecoxib.

Glucosamine matched the effectiveness of Celecoxib

In a 2014 study involving 606 patients in four European countries, Glucosamine matched the effectiveness of Celecoxib . The 606 patients were divided into two groups. After six months both groups reported they had half the amount of pain as the did at the beginning of this study. In addition to increased function and mobility.

Glucosamine is powerful and inexpensive

Liquid Glucosamine such as Syn-flex is a premium product with little to no side effects. Adding a premium product such as Synflex to your daily routine can be extremely beneficial to you joint health. Liquid formulas also offer greater absorption to maximize the benefits for your joints. And, it is safe.