Synflex Liquid Glucosamine


Synflex takes pride in providing honest information and above all, delivers a premium product. This company is very open about their products, in addition to a long history in providing a superior liquid Glucosamine supplement. We have hundreds of reviews and testimonials, therefor its safe to say you will be very pleased with the results of our liquid Glucosamine.


The president of Synflex America, Inc. suffered a painful traumatic injury to his spine. And, it required a Cervical Laminectomy to fix it.  Following surgery, he found that he had limited mobility in his neck. And, it was that issue that led him to bring the Syn-flex products to market.

He began researching the use of Glucosamine which had been already studied clinically for decades. He found a great deal of encouraging information but when testing products himself, he was very disappointed in the store offerings. However, a chance encounter with an old friend changed all that.

That friend told him about some experiments with liquid Glucosamine being used for horses. And, he sent him some to try. He tried the product himself and was amazed at the results he was getting. That set him on a quest to modify this horse product for human use. And, within a few months he had his first formula.

He began passing out samples and people were amazed by how good their joints felt. The excitement and results people were experiencing was the beginning of Synflex, thus becoming the first liquid Glucosamine product with major exposure to the marketplace. It was an immediate success. And, it continues to be so to this day. With over 1 million bottles sold, it speaks volumes about the Synflex products themselves.