Best Glucosamine Chondroitin for Dogs During Winter Storms

Liquid Glucosamine for Your Dog During the Last of Winter

We’re tired of hearing about winter storms, but now there is a rumor of another storm that will hit the Northeast next week.  Pet owners and animal lovers alike worry not only about their own safety and well being, but also their pets. We may not think about our fur children suffering from arthritis even more so when we get snow and ice, but they feel it just as much as we do. They just can’t vocalize their discomfort like we can. How can you tell if your pooch’s arthritis is acting up? Here are some signals.

  • Refusal to go outside. Some dogs just flat out refuse to go outside if it’s too cold, raining, or there is precipitation on the ground. Your pooch isn’t just acting out. Their refusal can be their way of telling you they’re afraid they’ll hurt themselves. If you do make them go outside, you’ll notice they walk slower. They don’t want to slip and hurt their already fragile bones, so they are more cautious.
  • Some dogs life their paws when they’re outside. That’s because putting any pressure and moving their joints hurts. They make take a few steps and lift their paw. Some may even hop around.
  • Licking their joints. Some dogs lick where it hurts the most. It’s their way of soothing themselves.
  • Whining. Some dogs whine when they walk or move. You’ll notice it more so when it’s cold outside.

Pay attention to your pooch. There are signs, and there are things you can do to help alleviate arthritis pain. Start with liquid glucosamine for dogs. Synflex is known for best glucosamine chondroitin supplement for dogs.  Pet owners all over the world love Synflex liquid glucosamine for dogs. Some pet owners claim that Synflex liquid glucosamine for dogs has saved their dog’s lives.  It’s prevented surgeries, dangerous prescription drugs intake, and overall helped dogs recover from arthritis pain.

By giving your dog the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement, dog arthritis pain during the winter won’t be an issue.  Your dog may actually enjoy going out in snow.