Does Glucosamine Work For Dogs?

Glucosamine is referred to by many different names: glucosamine sulphate, glucosamine sulfate, N-acetyl glucosamine, glucosamine hydrochloride and chitosamine.  It is produced naturally in the bodies of mammals and it can be produced synthetically using natural ingredients.

So, does glucosamine work for dogs?  The answer is, yes.  There will always be exceptions to the rule but, for the most part this anti-inflammatory works in humans, dog, cats and horses.  Perhaps the questions shouldn’t be does glucosamine work for dogs?  Rather how does glucosamine work?

Every mammal is born with a spongy material in their joints called cartilage.  As a natural part of aging that squishy material starts to break down in joints that are used frequently during the normal course of living.  In humans it seems to start in the hands and in animals, especially dogs, it starts in the knees and slowly moves to the hips.  In the grand scheme of things it’s a bit like your hair turning gray as you age.  Except when your hair turns gray it doesn’t hurt.  Arthritis, the breakdown of this spongy material, can cause the bones that are near each other to rub and that friction can be very painful.

Many concerned pet owners ask what they should look for if they think their dog is suffering from arthritis.  You know your dog better than anyone; so when things start to change or seem a little different that is when you need to contact your vet.  Don’t give any dietary supplements unless directed by your veterinarian.  The vet will give your pet the quick once over and take some X-rays and then it can be determined if your dog can benefit from supplemental treatment.

Glucosamine works from the inside out

Your dog may also gain comfort from the outside in.  Warming beds for dogs are available from most online pet retailers.  The warmth eases the pain and helps the animal relax.  Canine massage and injections are available as alternative treatments. If your dog is reluctant to take a pill, glucosamine is also available in liquid form.  Some of the liquid glucosamine has been enhanced with yummy flavors to make medicating enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Does glucosamine work for dogs?  Yes, it does.  Follow your vet’s instructions and get the best dietary supplements available.  Stay away from the blends as they may not be as effective as the pure medication.

Your dog is an important part of your family and seeing him in pain makes you hurt too.  Give him the very best diet supplements available.  Pure glucosamine sulphate given in proper doses can work wonders.