Arthritis Supplements For Dogs

People who have never owned a dog just don’t get it.  They don’t understand how a dog becomes a member of the family just like a newborn baby does.  It was brought home as a puppy and it was love at first sight for your kids.  The dog sleeps in their bed, the kids share their food with the dog when you’re not looking and even though he is friendly his bark keeps undesirables out of your vicinity.

Slowly things are changing.  He doesn’t jump up on the bed or into the car like he used to and he yelps when you touch his hips and back legs.   He is getting on in years and you’ve heard about dogs having arthritis so it’s off to the vet’s office for X-rays and a visit.

The vet confirms your suspicion but, you’ve caught it early so what’s next?  He tells you to get the best arthritis supplements possible; no blends no additives and he suggests purchasing them from the internet and not the pet store.


In the world of arthritis supplements for dogs all brands are not created equal. Pure glucosamine chondritin and various vitamins are the starting therapy that improves joint health.  For the most part pet stores cannot provide the stable environment for the supplements to stay effective.  The internet providers generally take much better care of their product than a store front.  When you deal with internet merchandise the people who are selling it are the people who know the most about it; not some teenage stock boy.

Modern medicine and veterinarian science are just about even with each other in extending the lives of their patients.  As we age we are more susceptible to diseases of the elderly and dogs are no different.  Being a member of the family your pet deserves the highest quality arthritis supplements for dogs.  In recent years pet food companies have been producing dog food for older dogs.  With the addition of supplements your vet can tell you what brands are appropriate for your pet.

Although these supplements have proven to be a tremendous assistance in helping your dog regain freedom of movement there are other therapies that can add comfort to his or her existence.  Warming dog beds assist in pain relief in older dogs.  Just as human who suffer from arthritis like heating pads; a warm dog bed brings comfort to your dog.

Keeping your dogs weight down can relieve some of the pain.  The more weight your pet has to lug around the more stress it will put on his joints.  Help your pet to get an equal amount of rest and exercise.  Too much or too little of both can be detrimental.
All of us want to see our pets as active as possible.  Adding the best arthritis supplements can help him be happy and comfortable for a long time to come.