Liquid Joint Care

Most mammals, providing they live long enough will have some kind of joint degeneration.  More commonly known as arthritis, it is the wearing down of the spongy material in the joints. Furthermore, without this soft and springy material the ends of the bones grind together causing pain, swelling and difficulty with movement.

Arthritis In Pets

Arthritis is quite common in dogs. They seem to show the most discomfort when arthritis strikes.  Although, using glucosamine, chondroitin as well as other vitamins can help your pets overall joint care. By doing this your pet has a significant chance of enjoying the rest of his days with heathy joints.

One of the fastest working supplements is liquid joint care.  Since it is liquid it is quickly absorbed into the blood stream.  With consistent use your dog will start to feel better within the first two weeks of its introduction into his or her diet.

If your dog has trouble with routine movements, liquid joint care can provide the following:

•    Helps your dog walk and run effortlessly

•    Improves mobility making it possible for your canine friend to climb up steps and jump

•    Liquid variety makes it simple to give to picky pets

•    Helps sustain healthy joints

How liquid joint care functions

The ingredients consist of glucosamine and chondroitin.  Glucosamine is an organic compound that is located in healthy cartilage within people and domestic pets. It helps hydrate healthy joints by improving the creation of compounds that hold water within the normal cartilage. Healthy and balanced cartilage offers shock absorption that helps safeguard a pet’s joints during exercise. Further studies need to be done on the success of glucosamine but many pet owners have found it to be very beneficial.

Your vet may caution the use of these supplements if your dog has some pre-existing condition like diabetes or kidney stones. As well as, if your dog will be used for breeding.

Other therapies to consider are, injections, massage, and water exercise for weight loss. There are prescriptions your vet can give your dog that are more expensive than glucosamine and chondroitin however, they have a long list of adverse effects.  Your dog may become sleepy or have spells of nausea and diarrhea.  Since glucosamine chondroitin are naturally occurring in the body there are far less and much milder side effects.

Not every dog will suffer the effects of arthritis.  It is up to us, the owners, to see that they are comfortable, healthy and happy.   Be aware of changes in your dog’s personality and movements.