Dog Joint Supplements for National Dog Day

Say Goodbye to Dog Joint Pain

We love our dogs. You love your dog(s). Synflex understands that dogs are not just pets, but family members. So when your dog is hurting, you want to do what you can to make him/her feel better. Unfortunately, 1 out of 5 dogs do suffer from dog joint pain. For National Dog Day, we want to give you the tools and resource you need to help you and your pooch live happy lives.

Signs Your Dog is Suffering from Dog Joint Pain

Change in behavior and mood. One of the first signs your dog is suffering from dog joint pain is a change in behavior and mood. If your pooch was once a happy, go lucky dog who loved to run and play but now is mopey and barely goes outside, it may be arthritis.

Limping. Even dealing with dog joint pain, your pooch may push forward and deal with the pain. While doing that, your dog will probably limp. This is their way of not putting added stress on the leg with arthritis.

Another sign your dog has arthritis is favoring one leg over others. Again, that’s their way of not putting strain on the leg that has arthritis.

Increased weight gain. Because your dog is pain, (s)he will not be as active and will gain more weight as a result. Dogs need exercise, but they won’t willing go for a run or walk because it hurts.

Solutions for Dog Joint Pain

Dog joint supplements are a natural solution to fight dog joint pain. Synflex liquid glucosamine for pets is known for helping dogs go back to being their playful, puppy-like selves by tackling the source of dog joint pain. Glucosamine and chondroitin regenerates cartilage and improves mobility. There are hardly any side effects and results are noticeable within days.

Exercise. It sounds counter productive to exercise your dog who has arthritis. But exercise in conjunction with glucosamine for pets keeps joints limber. It will actually make your dog’s joints stronger.

You could give your dog NSAIDs like Rimadyl. If you did that, you’d be subjecting your dog to negative side effects that could cause even more problems.

We should show our dogs love every day. You can with Synflex for Pets. Give your dog a daily dose and watch the arthritis pain go away.