Best Glucosamine for Cats: Synflex for Pets

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Cats

We know you love your pets. We love ours too. All of us at Synflex want to make sure your pet stays healthy and mobile, free of arthritis. One of you had a question about Synflex liquid glucosamine for pets. We recommend Synflex for Pets and Synflex for Pets Beef flavor.

The question that came up was if Synflex 1500 was safe for pets. We don’t recommend it. However, it is safe for dogs only. We don’t recommend it for cats. Synflex 1500 contains white willow bark. It’s an all-natural pain reliever, which is safe for us and dogs, is not safe for our feline family members.

The best glucosamine for cats is Synflex for Pets. It does not contain white willow bark or any other dangerous ingredients. Synflex is the best glucosamine for cats because it works at the source of the arthritis. By giving your cat Synflex glucosamine for cats daily, your cat’s joints will strengthen with fresh cartilage so your cat can go back to chasing critters, jumping on counters, and causing a little trouble.