Glucosamine for Senior Citizen’s Day

Give the senior you know the best glucosamine!

August 21st is known as Senior Citizen’s Day. It’s gentle reminder to do something for our elders, but more importantly, spend time with them. It’s the one day out the year that is given solely to them, to honor their hard work and dedication. This is a day when we thank them for supporting us when we needed it, for providing encouragement and love. Have you thought about how you’re going to honor the senior citizen’s in your life?

Senior citizens suffer from all kinds of illnesses and conditions. Arthritis is right there at the top. There is no cure. There are just prescription drugs and arthritis joint supplements. Doctors are so quick to prescribe NSAIDs, which actually can cause more damage. Most of them have lethal side effects.

Arthritis joint supplements are a safer, healthier option. Side effects are usually minimal. Synflex is the best glucosamine for senior citizens because it is all natural. It works fast (a couple of days to a couple of weeks). That’s because liquid glucosamine gets absorbed by our bodies faster than pills.

Synflex arthritis joint supplements works at the root of the problem, to generate cartilage so there isn’t bone on bone contact. Synflex doesn’t mask the pain like NSAIDs.

You can give the special senior citizen you know the gift of arthritis pain relief. Order a bottle of Synflex today and save 10% off with promo code USOpen. If shipping in the US, you also get free shipping. If taken daily, your senior citizen gradually experience less and less arthritis pain. The next time you spend time together, (s)he just may be arthritis pain free!