Feline Arthritis

Cats are fantastic and fascinating creatures. They have an uncanny sense of balance and in the rare occasion a cat falls, it always seems to land on its feet.

Cat owners tend to worry when these agile animals start exhibiting unusual behavior. As your cat gets older you may start to see some changes in its activities. It may start with accidents around the litter box; jumping from place to place may diminish or stop all together. Re-acting in discomfort when petted or handled is yet another red light. Other symptoms include things like personality change, listlessness, and reduced appetite. If your cat exhibits any one of these signs, an exam by a veterinarian will likely be necessary. Only your vet can establish that your cat is being affected by joint disease, he or she should be able to suggest a treatment, which may well incorporate a variety of options. Sadly modern medicine has yet to find a cause or cure for feline arthritis. Management at this stage is the only option.

Many vets today are taking a more conservative approach to feline arthritis treatment. Rather than costly as well as risky treatments like surgery; veterinarians are turning to more holistic remedies. If your cat is overweight your vet will probably tell you that the weight has to come off. We all like to spoil our pets with treats and a disproportionate amount of food. But, just like in humans this type of treatment can be detrimental and have painful even crippling effects.

Holistic arthritis pain relief for your pet may start out with dietary supplements. These approaches may provide effective natural pain relief and may well slow the progression of the disease. The supplements that seem to provide the most joint pain relief are glucosamine and chondroitin. Both of these facilitate the regeneration of the cartilage that protects the bones from abrasion. These can be added to your cat’s food with little trouble. Fish oil supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids are also being prescribed. These ‘fatty acids’ possess amazing anti-inflammatory properties and shrink joint swelling. This makes movement easier as well as less painful.

There are other alternatives to feline arthritis treatment; injections, pain killers and even laser surgery are being recommended; but start slowly with your cat. Much like any disease if it is caught and treated early the less drastic measures will need to be employed.

When the decision is made to start feline arthritis treatment and supplements are the chosen vehicle make sure you have the purest and very best supplements on the market today. There are plenty of websites for feline arthritis treatment; start by reading the reviews written by cat owners. They may be more insightful about just how effective one supplement is over another. If you can overlook the lofty advertisements in cat magazines you may find user information there. Whatever treatment option you use make sure it is the best. Your kitty is worth it.