Best Feline Glucosamine

One of the biggest fears for most animal owners is their pet having arthritis.  The most common of these issues is feline arthritis. Arthritis can be very simple, depending on how advanced it is. It is never too late to try the more common, less stressful supplements like glucosamine. No matter what you use, feline arthritis can be difficult for a pet.

Veteranarians would agree that it is not necessary to move to prescription products if the arthritis is not too severe.

A more modest approach might be to try a liquid glucosamine product like Synflex. It contains Chondroitin Sulfate which has been deemed to enhance the impact of Glucosamine itself. And, no adverse side effects have been reported. As well, Syn-flex is in liquid  form which enhances both absorption and bioavailability.

Proper diet and exercise is a great way to ensure your animals overall health and well being. Be smart. And, your pet will be with you a long time.