Best Glucosamine for Feline Arthritis

One of the biggest fears of most cat owners, besides death, is the fear of their pet being in pain without knowing the problem or understanding how to fix it.  This happens far too often, and according to most veterinary professionals, it is usually a very common and very treatable problem that is easy to take care of.  But if left untreated for too long, small problems can eventually turn into much worse conditions.  The most common of these issues, especially in cats, is feline arthritis. Treatment for cats with arthritis can be very simple, or not so simple, depending on how advanced the arthritis is, and if it is too late to try the more common, less stressful treatments like glucosamine or other joint lubricants. No matter what you use as treatment, feline arthritis can be very painful for your pet, and should be taken seriously in all cases.  If left untreated for too long, more drastic treatments like surgeries or replacements, however intense they may sound, for options purposes may be best. Feline arthritis treatment, like treatment for humans with arthritis, can vary according to the necessity and seriousness of the condition.  It takes a trained professional to diagnose levels of joint deterioration before considering treatment.  Before treatment to be considered, you should first have the problem evaluated by a professional in the field of veterinary medicine, before any decisions are made.

Feline arthritis treatment can be approached by the much easier, not to mention less pricey route of preventative measures, with the addition of glucosamine to your animal’s daily diet.  When it comes to arthritis, cat treatment, like any other animal including humans, should focus on the problem area itself, which is the cartilage at the point in the joints that your bones meet.  This cartilage deteriorates over time for several different reasons, but if the right steps are taken to prevent this deterioration from occurring, you could effectively prevent you or your animals from ever developing arthritis.

If the arthritis has already developed however, but hasn’t advanced to the severity of needing surgery or joint replacements, glucosamine could be the answer to your cat’s arthritis.  Glucosamine helps rebuild the cartilage by providing glycosaminoglycan to the effected area, which is a key component in the cartilage found in your joints.   Adding glycosaminoglycan to your animals diet can help rebuild damaged cartilage by positively influencing new cartilage structure and in the long term may help to treat, prevent, or cure arthritis in the joints.

There are also other supplements that can be taken alongside glucosamine for further feline arthritis treatment.  Chondroitin sulfate and methylsulfonylmethane are both marketed as arthritis treatment that can be given to your cat along with glucosamine with no adverse side affects if administered in the right dosage.

As a pet owner, it is important to have regular check ups for your animal at least twice a year, but more if necessary.  Proper diet and exercise is a great way to insure your animal is just as happy as they deserve to be.  Preventative treatment is available for arthritis, and could determine the quality of your animal’s life in its golden years.