Glucosamine For Dogs

The most common type of arthritis affecting dogs (as well as humans) is osteoarthritis. A condition associated with simple joint wear and tear or an injury that damages the cartilage. Responsible for preventing bone erosion. When cartilage between joints deteriorates bones begin to rub against each other causing inflammation, swelling and pain. Weight-bearing joints are frequently impaired by osteoarthritis; spine; back; pelvis and knees. This tends to target older dogs.

If you notice your dog favoring one of his limbs; or resting more than normal; gaining or losing weight; they usually have either and injury or some arthritis. If you are seeing these symptoms, you might try a premium, liquid glucosamine product like Synflex.

Canine Arthritis Prescription Medications

If the veterinarian diagnoses your dog with arthritis, he may prescribe one of the following medications:

  • Prescription pain reducers called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Deramaxx, Rimadyl or Etogesic
  • Glucosamine supplements are often used when there is evidence of arthritis. Glucosamine replaces lost levels of synovial joint fluid and improve the ability of cartilage to cushion joints. Dogs suffering from sciatic nerve damage, inflamed discs or bursitis may also benefits from glucosamine supplements. Additionally, glucosamine supplements are often enhanced with the inclusion of chondroitin, a substance that improves cartilage resiliency.
  • Supplements containing omega fatty acids have also been shown to be beneficial.