Winter Feline Arthritis

Liquid Glucosamine for Cats

We’ve talked about dogs and how Winter weather can cause them to have joint problems. Of corse, they often are out running in the bad weather and it seems inevitable that this would happen. But, what about cats? Here are some of the signs that your cat is having joint problems with Winter even though they may not have been outside. ( For that matter, these same symtoms can appear in warmer weather as well.

  • Limping: Generally, when a cat is ‘favoring’ one leg over another it is a sign of either an injury or it is osteoarthritis. They know that if that leg is down is it going to hurt. It is also a pretty clear signal to you.
  • Lifting a paw: This is another classic sign that your cat is having some joint discomfort. Again, this is either an injury or arthritis.
  • Behavioral changes: Cats are “jumpers.” They love to jump up to higher levels all the time. Jumping up on the counters; window sills; beds; and, much more. When they stop doing that, you have a clear sign that there are some joint issues.

Cats overall are small and Synflex for pets will last a long time.