Last of Winter Feline Arthritis

Liquid Glucosamine for Cats

We’ve talked about how we deal with arthritis pain during  the last of winter this year. We’ve also discussed how to help our dogs with liquid glucosamine. But what about our cats? Just because cats don’t go outside doesn’t mean they’re not in the crossfire of the last of winter. They feel that same chill in the air too. Here are some signs that you’re cat’s arthritis pain has increased as the snow falls outside.

  • Limping. If you’re cat is limping, that’s an obvious sign something is wrong. Notice which leg they’re not putting pressure on because that’s the leg with the arthritis.
  • Lifting a paw.  Your cat may lift a paw pretty constantly. That paw is the paw that hurts the most and has the arthritis.
  • Behavior changes. This is a signal despite the season. Cats jump on counters, furniture, etc. When they stop jumping and playing, it’s because their joints hurt too much.
  • No more sitting on windowsill. Some cats love perching next to the window. If your cat has stopped, it’s because it’s too cold and arthritis is acting up.

To help your cat, give him/her  Synflex glucosamine for cats. It’s the best feline arthritis treatment out there. Made with all natural, pharmaceutical grade liquid glucosamine and chondroitin, glucosamine for cats works to rebuild cartilage between joints so your cat can regain mobility without the arthritis pain.

Cold weather does increase arthritis pain flare-ups in cats like it does with us and even in dogs. It’s important to monitor our cat’s behavior and look for signs of discomfort. If you’re cat isn’t on a feline arthritis treatment, now is a good time to start.