Synflex® 1500 Formula

The Difference between the Original Formula and Synflex 1500 Formula

In 2001, the Glucosamine world was rocked by the introduction of Synflex Original Formula. It was the first major internet presence for a liquid Glucosamine formula and it was an enormous success. So, you have to be asking yourself “what was so important about the original formula?” We have to take a look back to understand why Synflex 1500 was introduced.

Absorption and Bioavailability Make Synflex Powerful

The Glucosamine market was saturated with pills and capsules. And, what has proven true for the years is that the ingredients you are buying can vary greatly from what is stated on the labels. Unfortunately, the public is all too often buying low-quality ingredients or ingredients that are lower than stated on the label. In pill or capsule form, manufacturers use binders and fillers to shape the pill that further reduce the effectiveness of their product. Consumers are getting short-changed when they buy pills and not getting all of the benefits that Glucosamine is capable of delivering.

The bad news is that this kind of product still is available on the store shelves everywhere in America. It is a sad truth that is finally getting some coverage and hopefully, educated consumers become aware of the shortcomings of supplements in pill form.

Pills & Capsules vs. Synflex Pharmaceutical-Quality Liquid Glucosamine

According to Consumer Reports, with the Synflex Liquid Glucosamine formula, consumers are getting a full dose of what is stated on the label. And, in its liquid form, the bioavailability and absorption is a huge factor. Those who are purchasing the Synflex regular formula either for themselves or their family pets are also reporting amazing results.

Looking at Synflex’s original formula, it contains 1,250 mg. of liquid Glucosamine while most pills and capsules contain 1,500 mg. of Glucosamine (or so the label says). Yet, the liquid Synflex formula, even at a lower dosage, is acting fast and the pills and capsules are not, often due to the binders and fillers.

Based on the absorption rate of the liquid, there was no reason initially for Synflex to add a 1,500 mg. product to its lineup but for one fact. Most of the clinical trials that had reported on Glucosamine were using 1,500 mg. of Glucosamine in their studies. That had to be balanced against the fact that the Synflex original formula was powerful as it was in liquid form. The dilemma for the makers of Synflex was “Maybe there is a segment of the market that wants a 1,500 mg. formula.”

The Decision to Make Synflex 1500 Was an Easy One

A decision was made to add Synflex 1500 to their lineup and to continue to offer their Synflex Original formula as well. Those who were ordering Synflex Original were likely to continue to order the product they knew worked for them. And, if someone wanted to order a more powerful liquid Glucosamine formula, Synflex 1500 was there to fill the bill.

It was a smart decision. Those regular clients that had been buying Synflex Original continued to do so. And, for those who were new to the successful Synflex Liquid Glucosamine formulas, there was Synflex 1500 to consider. It has been a “win-win” situation for everyone.

Different Flavors of Synflex Liquid Glucosamine

The Synflex Original formula has what might be described as a “tart, green apple flavor.” The Synflex 1500 formula has a “tangy orange flavor.” So again, a different flavor for different tastes. What is interesting is that the Synflex Original formula has been purchased by some loyal users for the entire time Synflex America, Inc. has been in business. That is since it was first introduced into local markets in the year 2000; or, internet buyers since 2001.

You Can’t Argue With Success

To get that kind of loyalty from consumers you have to have a pretty special product or products. That is clearly the case with both of these liquid Glucosamine formulas. And, there is another interesting twist in this story.

Dogs and Cats Love Synflex Liquid Glucosamine

From the time it was introduced, Synflex Original formula was also sold for use with family pets. And, the same loyalty has carried on in the pet market as well. Buyers have been with the Synflex line for just as many years as human users. Of course, Synflex was not content to just let that go either.

Synflex for Pets (Beef Flavored) Added Variety 

It was not long before Synflex Original formula had a companion product for family pets. Synflex for Pets (beef flavored) joined the company’s already successful Synflex Original for pets.

Liquid Glucosamine is very easy to add to a pet’s diet. You simply sprinkle the appropriate amount on their food every day. Usage is based on body weight so smaller pets require less of the product than larger breed animals. To view the chart to check the dosage for family pets, Read Usage & Side Effects. With the weight of your pet in hand, you can determine how long Synflex will last. Interesting fact: Synflex Liquid Glucosamine has also been used on lame tigers; lions; and, other mammals.

The reports coming back from pet owners have been just as amazing as those of human users. And, with two different flavors, it offers variety for pets. If you would like to read a few of the testimonials from pet owners, Read Success Stories for Pets.

Synflex® Original vs. Synflex® 1500 Liquid Glucosamine Ingredients

Did Synflex America, Inc. change the Glucosamine landscape?

They certainly did, and they have sold over 1 million bottles of their products in over 100 countries. It is probably the most compelling statement anyone could make about Synflex. In spite of all the “copycats” on the market today, Synflex Liquid Glucosamine is still going strong.

One cautionary note: Do not use Synflex 1500 for family pets. Only Synflex Original Formula or Synflex for Pets (beef flavored should be used)

Yours in joint health.

J. R. Rogers, President
Synflex America, Inc.

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