Glucosamine for Arthritis and a Good Diet

Glucosamine for Arthritis and a Good Diet

One of the things we hear a lot is how even doing the simplest things is difficult because of arthritis. It’s a disease that literally takes over your body. And now with more and more young people being active and getting injured, we’re noticing that arthritis does not discriminate against age. It can plague someone as young as 20 if they were injured as a child. What’s shocking is when these youngsters find themselves with complaints they’d only hear from their parents, aunts, uncles, and older family members.  They too see that doing things like bending over to pick up an article of clothing or typing at the computer or even bending to play with their toddler can be too much.

So how does someone find arthritis joint care at any age? We have a few tips to help you on your journey to healthier joints.


Start with a little research. Research pain management, supplements, etc. It’s so important to know all the facts when dealing with arthritis.

Consult Your Doctor

Before you begin any type of self medication, make sure to talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor about the research you conducted and the options that sound most appealing to you. Talk to your doctor about glucosamine for arthritis.

Watch Your Diet

We hear how a bad diet rich with fatty foods is bad for us because of this reason and then there is that reason. Well, let’s add to that list. There is an obvious reason why eating healthy is important for arthritis care. The extra weight wears on joints and causes pain. A fit individual is less likely to have problems.

There is another reason.  Dr. David Nelson, professor at Boston University, says that chemical breakdown of fats causes joints to break down faster as well.  Even more reason to avoid that donut in the morning or greasy, but oh so tempting cheeseburger at lunch.

The point in all this is to find ways to live happier, healthier lives. Those of us suffering from arthritis can start taking glucosamine, eat healthy and start a light work out plan if possible.