Too Doggone Cold Outside: Arthritis Supplements for Dogs

Dog Joint Supplements Helping Your Dog During Winter Months

We love getting feedback from our loyal customers. One of the things we hear most is how Synflex arthritis joint supplements for dogs has helped  improve canine mobility and health. We understand pets are more than just animals. They are part of our family. Of course we’ll do everything we can to ensure our pets are healthy and comfortable. One known fact is that they age faster than we do and suffer from arthritis earlier than humans. Arthritis supplements for dogs can improve your pets’ quality of life.

Like us humans, the cold impacts canine joints. Dropping barometric pressure puts more emphasis and pressure on our bodies, even animal bodies. If your pet is aging, he/she will too notice the change in weather and may start to limp more, slow down physical activity, lag behind while going for a walk, and other signs that let us know something isn’t quite right with our pooch.

When you do notice that something is wrong with your pet, you obviously need to do something. Here are some tips to help you help your  furry family member during winter months.

your vet. It’s a safety precaution. Call your vet and describe what you’re seeing. They may tell you to bring them in for testing. Best case scenario,  you’ll be instructed to monitor your pet for any other significant changes.

your dog on a joint supplement regimen. Synflex’s arthritis joint supplements for dogs are known to aid in joint health in canines and improve mobility.

If you reside in a region where you see lots of snow and cold temperatures, don’t leave our pet outside for long periods of time. If you wouldn’t want to stay outside long, chances are neither should your pet. Limit outside time to walks and potty breaks.

If you and your pet do make the trek outdoors, consider getting your furry friend a coat or waterproof jacket. Sounds silly, but it does help especially for short haired dogs.

Dogs suffer from arthritis too, especially now during colder months. Follow the tips above and make sure your plan includes incorporating arthritis supplements for dogs so your favorite canine is comfortable and healthy this winter season.