Glucosamine For Cats

Felines suffering from arthritis benefit from taking glucosamine as a dietary supplement. Glucosamine is a vital nutrient naturally produced in all mammals. This liquid contributes to cartilage, ligament and synovial fluid health. These three components are responsible for providing shock resistance, flexibility and elasticity to a cat’s joints.

Cats suffer from cartilage degeneration due to old age or genetic disorders. When cats develop stiffness, inflammation and pain, it can change your cat’s ability to jump, pounce or even walk if the degeneration is severe.

Cats over the age of eight naturally produce less glucosamine and chondroitin. These substances provide sufficient amounts of synovial joint fluid. These fluids are important in ensuring their joints remain lubricated and flexible. When older cat’s joints start rubbing against each other due to degeneration of cartilage and lack of synovial fluid, osteoarthritis symptoms start to occur. At that time it is important to use a liquid Glucosamine supplement or glucosamine for cats for healthy joints.

Other Cat Joint Issues Besides Joint Osteoarthritis

In addition to osteoarthritis, cats can suffer from another joint disorder called hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia happens when the hip joints fail to grow normally. As a result of abnormal development, hip joints experience on-going deterioration throughout the cat’s life and eventually stop functioning altogether.

Feline hip dysplasia can occur as a mild to severe deformity due to genetic vulnerability, obesity and poor nutrition. Veterinarians rely on X-rays and physical examinations to tell them whether a cat needs physical therapy, dietary changes or supplements like glucosamine for cats. If the dysplasia is severe, surgery and/or hip replacement may be necessary.

Synflex Liquid Glucosamine for Pets

Other joint disorders and disease that may benefit from glucosamine supplements include acute traumatic arthritis, infectious arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory joint disease.

Cat owners needing to give their cats glucosamine for joint problems are usually prescribed the liquid form of the supplement which can be mixed with food.