Natural Arthritis Pain Remedy

The acute, fleeting aches we felt in our bodies after jogging, biking or raking the yard when we were younger, can lead to more chronic pain when we are older. This condition not only affects our physical well-being but it can also affect our emotions, our relationships and even our professions. You will want to address this pain in the safest most effective manner, and implement a pain management plan that will not only relieve arthritis pain, but also take the necessary steps to get you healthy again.

What Are My Options?

There are countless over the counter medications designed and marketed to symptomatically relieve arthritis pain. These concoctions come in a variety of forms; pills, creams, salves and patches just to name a few. They contain synthetically produced compounds, natural ingredients or a combination of complex ingredients that the average consumer is unable to decipher whether it was made in a lab or by nature. In addition to the many over the counter products available, there are also numerous options available that require a doctor’s prescription. Many of these medicines have serious side effects. One such example are NSAIDS, which include a class of many anti-inflammatory products, available both over the counter and by prescription. With prolonged use of NSAIDS, one can form ulcers and experience kidney and liver damage or failure. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose a course of therapy that not only offers an arthritis pain remedy but addresses and treats the underlying issue?

Choose Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a safe and effective, natural dietary supplement that has been demonstrated by researchers to not only relieve pain but to also rebuild damaged cartilage. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring fluid which is found in the connective tissues of the body and with age, less is produced, leaving damaged joint tissue unable to heal. This breakdown can eventually lead bone to rub against bone causing the individual severe pain. Remedy arthritis by taking a joint supplement that contains glucosamine as it has been proven to assist in replacing the body’s deficiency to produce its own glucosamine. It also has natural anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce or eliminate the need for other pain medications.

It Can Change Your Life, But You Must Change You Too

In addition to making glucosamine your arthritis pain remedy of choice, it is also essential to eat healthy as increased weight puts more stress on joints. While diet plays a huge part in the obesity epidemic in our country, it is not the sole culprit. Decreased activity level also plays a vital role. For most, even strict adherence to the healthiest nutritional choices will lead to weight gain if not exercising regularly. Glucosamine in no way prevents weight loss by itself but if you are committed to being more mobile and achieving a better quality of life, it can relieve arthritis pain, make your joints hurt less, and therefore make it easier for you to take the step and get going again.