Goodbye Glucosamine?

By J. R. Rogers

The same company that is touting their product with Hyaluronic acid in their ads (Goodbye Glucosamine) actually sells another product that they That “headline” is an interesting advertisement that is showing up on some of the internet search engines. This company would have you believe that their product spells the end of Glucosamine supplements. Or, does it?

I did a little research on this issue and came up with some interesting facts. First of all, the principal ingredient that this company is touting is Hyaluronic Acid. So, what is Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient is nothing new in the world of joint care. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It has been used in an injectable form for many, many years. And, I think that is something you really have to pay attention to. That is particularly so because of the method of delivery they offer.

This company is promoting a product that is “taken orally.” In other words, in pill form. So you say, “what difference does it make if it works?” The fact of the matter is that the experts say that Hyaluronic acid to be effective has to be injected into your body. The normal situation is a knee affected by arthritis. And, the series of injections directly into the knee is administered over a three to five-week period.  That is a far cry from taking a “pill” every day.

In fact, the experts in the field state that there is zero evidence that taking Hyaluronic acid orally will even be effective. So, that makes you wonder about what it is that this company is selling you. As far as I can tell, Hyaluronic acid is old news and used almost exclusively in the injectable form. So, this is hardly “breaking news.”
advertise right alongside it. (You would not know it)  And, guess what? That other product contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin. I guess this leaves you with the feeling that this is a company that wants your money no matter what you buy and in fact, they are not really saying “Goodbye Glucosamine” after all, are they?

And, one final thought. If they truly believed that Hyaluronic acid taken orally was such a major breakthrough, why would they bother making a Glucosamine product? I guess you can figure that one out without my help.