My Puppy Has Hip Dysplasia?

By J.R. Rogers

For some of my readers, it comes as a shock to learn that puppies can suffer from Hip Dysplasia. After all, one would think that it happens only to older dogs. That is not the case at all.

In studies where young puppies were X-rayed, some 65-70% showed some degree of Hip Dysplasia. And, the thing that stands out here is that those puppies did not demonstrate any of the symptoms that one would associate with this malady. There was no limping, tenderness or evidence of pain with these puppies.

arthritis supplements for dogsHip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is recognized by the fact that the animal’s joint structure does not fit properly and in fact, it pops out from time to time. Usually, but not always, this condition affects larger breed dogs. Ask any number of dog owners if they have seen their pets with symptoms like those found with Hip Dysplasia and you will be surprised. There are a lot of them. So, what advice can you give a dog owner when they have a young puppy?

Get on top of the issue now

My recommendations have never changed. Use a premium-quality liquid glucosamine product such as Syn-flex® and use it regularly. This is a safe and effective way to keep your young puppy comfortable and less prone to demonstrating symptoms.

Do you need an X-ray?

My attitude is that when approaching joint care in dogs, taking an active stance by using a product like this handles all joint issues. For that reason, there is no reason to spend extra dollars on an X-ray. Frankly, you are better off spending your money on product.

Let’s face facts. Dogs have joint problems to some degree in their lifetime. Why not deal with it early on. I have never known a dog owner who wanted to wait until their animal has pain to act.