Arthritis Joint Supplements for Summer

Quality Liquid Glucosamine

Every kid looks forward to summer. School is finally out. There is time to sleep in, play, watch TV and go on family vacations. For the adults, summer is fun, but not nearly what it is for kiddos. For us, it’s having to find a better source for arthritis pain relief so you can enjoy fun activities with your kids.  We continue working and going about our routines with a slight change to accommodate the kids’ new schedule.

Many of us reach for arthritis joint supplements blindly without knowing what it is they’re really taking. They know it has glucosamine so it must be good.

Wrong! If you’re looking for arthritis supplements to make your summer more enjoyable, you can assume that everything  you see in stores will work. The majority of them won’t. The biggest problem is their composition.

Most glucosamine supplements you find in stores are pills. That’s the biggest problem because you’re not getting nearly as much as you think you’re getting. If the bottle says 500 mg of something, you’re only getting about 20% of that. That’s because our bodies have to work harder to process pills.

Quality varies too. The quality of glucosamine varies. There isn’t a set standard. Just because a supplement contains 1500mg of glucosamine doesn’t mean it’s good quality. That impacts how effective it is as well.

Synflex contains pharmaceutical quality  glucosamine. That’s one of the reasons our formula works better than our competitors. You get the same quality glucosamine you would get in a hospital.

Arthritis joint supplements should do what they’re intended to do. Most people who take Synflex feel the results within a two to three weeks if not sooner.

Glucosamine helps the cartilage between our joints. Because Synflex arthritis joint supplements are liquid, that happens faster than with pills. Some people have said they’ve started feeling better within a week. Every person’s body chemistry is different so it varies.

The sooner you take Synflex, the faster you can enjoy summer activities and keep up with the kids.