Mario’s Dog Joint Pain Relief

Glucosamine Works for Dogs

Our customers share their stories for a reason. Today, it’s because glucosamine works for dogs. It’s worked for Shierly and Mario’s dog joint pain. Mario’s pet mom started giving him Synflex dog joint supplements.  Now, he’s acting like a puppy again. Here’s Mario’s story.


I don’t usually write feedback/testimonials, but I have been very happy with how much Synflex has helped my dog that I thought I’d send you guys an update. 🙂

My boy Mario is a 9 year old Maltese and is suffering from arthritis as he has had cruciate ligament surgery on both of his hind legs. He used to struggle a bit when getting up from his bed etc, so I’ve been giving him Pentosan injection monthly, which helps quite a bit, but he was still struggling jumping on the couch and things (I try to discourage him from doing it anyway). I have given him different types of arthritis supplements, but never really noticed a massive difference, until I saw Synflex on the internet and decided to give it a go. He is now zipping around like a puppy again and can easily – and sneakily – jump on and off the couch! I know he still has arthritis, but I think Synflex has made him feel so much better than before, so I just wanted to thank you guys! I have started giving my other dog, Louie, daily dose as well. He is older than Mario but has much better joints although he has recently started suffering from mild back pain.

I have attached a picture of Mario sleeping on his favorite spot on the couch in his bumble bee outfit. 🙂

Thanks again!!