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Online Glucosamine Reviews: A look at how they deceive you

Of course, all of us are looking to buy the very best product of its kind. It doesn’t matter if it is computer; a tire for our car; or any other type of product, including Glucosamine.  What is troubling is the kind of deception that are used to get you to buy a Glucosamine product that is nowhere near a “top pick” or the best for you.

 It won’t happen to you if you read this article.

Glucosamine Reviews

Is it fair for a seller of Glucosamine to “review’ their own product on their website? Sure it is. It is if they can document that their product is better than the ones they are comparing it to. The real problem comes when you find a website that says something like this:

“The top ten Glucosamine products for 2019”

So, not knowing any better you click on this website and start reviewing what they have to say. Now, what you are reading is one of two types of “ads”.

  1. An “affiliate seller” 

If this person has ten products they are offering reviews on and you buy one, that person is being paid. That’s right. Every single one of those ten (10) products

are being offered for sale. They are not being “reviewed.” So, no matter which one you buy, the person who built this site is getting money from the company

who makes or sells the products listed.

  1. The second type of “review” is just as bad.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Is .org really a non-profit?

There are a couple of different types of domain names that you need to pay attention to. If the website name ends in one of these extensions, it is a “commercial website.” 

  • .com
  • .net
  • .info
  • .us
  • etc. etc.

Meaning, that it exists to sell you something. The bigger deception comes when you see a .org extension.

It used to be that a .org domain name meant that it was used for “non-profit” purposes. That is no longer the case. So, those who use these .org websites to promote their Glucosamine products are really taking advantage of you. And, there are a couple of reasons they use .org.


  1. It ranks higher in search engines
  2. And, it is easier to get “inbound links” which gets them even higher.
  3. Once they finish the linking, they add their Glucosamine review. 


Most internet users think a .org means a non-profit entity

These days, that is simply not true. Since the individuals who control the rules regarding websites have changed, there are companies that use these so-called non-profit sites to sell products 

Read that again. These types of companies are using fraud to use a .org website to promote their product to begin with. Then, they use fraudulent linking campaigns to get higher search engine results. And finally, once that is done they add their reviews. It is very clever and as well,  it is the worst kind of deception.

If they identify themselves is that OK?

If using this kind of system is made better by the company adding their name to the website making it any less deceptive? Well, if they added their name at the top in very bold print it might make a difference. But, if you find their name at all it is going to be buried at the very bottom of the website in very small print. Is that something you think you would notice? Of course not. And, the people who built this website know that.

You have been “duped”

If you buy this product under these circumstances, the people who use these deceptive tactics are winning. Their product is not better and they know that. All they care about is you buying their products. Millions of dollars are pocketed using these kinds of tactics and it is the worst kind of fraud.

The FTC “endorser rule”

The Federal Trade Commission tries its best to protect consumers from this kind of thing. That federal government agency exists to prevent fraud. But, they can’t handle it all. In this kind of case, the individuals who engage in these tactics are violating the FTC “endorser rule.” And, other FTC rules.

Basically, that rule says that “anyone who endorses a product has to identify themselves.” That is a very broad statement but you get the idea. So, does that website example give you reason to wonder? As I said, if the sellers are “burying their name in small print at the bottom of the website” you are not going to notice it. What they are doing is “endorsing their own products.”


As the makers of Synflex® liquid Glucosamine, we find these kinds of tactics to be disgusting. You as a consumer have the right to make decisions based on facts, not on fraudulent gimmicks.

We have been in business for a very long time. (Since 2001 on the internet) And, we have sold over 1 million bottles of our premium liquid Glucosamine products. Those kinds of sales numbers do not happen unless you have a really great product. For us, all the public has to do is this. First, look at those sales numbers. Second, read some of our testimonials.

We provide pharmaceutical-quality liquid Glucosamine products to the general public; athletes; and, to pet owners. We do so with great pride in our product. And, we have a committed staff who cares about you. We don’t trade unfairly and obviously, we do not like it that the public is victimized by these kinds of tactics.

As a consumer, the best thing you can do is to not buy their products. And of course, if you have the time and patience to do it, spread the word about it on the internet. It is there that this is really a major problem.