What you need to know when buying Glucosamine supplements

What you need to know when buying Glucosamine supplements

How Glucosamine works

Liquid Glucosamine vs. Pills/Capsules, Ingredients, & using the internet wisely to purchase Glucosamine

When the adult population of the United States was surveyed about their supplement use, the results showed a significant number of them used supplements. In fact, nearly 20% of those surveyed reported that they bought supplements regularly.

The reasons for their use varied from those “medically-prescribed as necessary” to a “proactive measure” when dealing with symptoms of one kind or another. At the top of the list were DHA and Omega-3 supplements. And, no surprise at all was the fact that Glucosamine was second on the list.

Further into this survey it was revealed that 20% of users in the U.S. use one form of Glucosamine or another. Since the population has a very large percentage of arthritis sufferers, this was no surprise at all.

Since many are not quite certain what Glucosamine does, let’s take a brief look of what it is and why it is used.


By definition, Glucosamine is a naturally-occurring compound that is present in cartilage which surrounds bones. And, it is also found in the synovial fluid surrounding your joints. It is important that you have both healthy cartilage. Cartilage is the “cushion” that prevents your bones from coming into contact with one another. And, once cartilage is gone there is no hope for rebuilding it. Were 

With aging, Glucosamine levels deteriorate and “wear and tear’ takes its toll. Of course, this allows for your joints to suffer all the way around. The consequence is that you begin to lose your ability to move about freely. So, what to do?

Glucosamine is the first choice for most

You can find many different types of Glucosamine products for sale in health food stores; supermarkets; commercial gymnasiums; and, online. Most of what you will find out there are pills or capsules. Be advised that these products have long suffered from two major problems. First, that the “claimed ingredients” are often not there. It is a sad but true commentary on companies that do not care about quality. Second, pills and capsules are often filled with “binders and fillers” that bulk the product. And, they impair digestion and absorption.

Enter liquid Glucosamine

The first major entry into the liquid Glucosamine market came in 2001 when Synflex® was introduced to an international audience via the internet. The liquid form brought a whole new dimension to the terms “absorption and bioavailability.” And, even though only a single product was available at that time, it was an immediate success. The company realized a million dollars in sales its first year.


There are two major issues to consider here. First, the claimed ingredients were thoroughly tested and found to be in total compliance with the label. Second, pills and capsules were only entering the body at best at around 17%. The reverse is true with Synflex® liquid Glucosamine. The estimate is that five (5) times as much Glucosamine (and other ingredients) were being absorbed into the body. Of course, users reported incredible results.

All of the Synflex® formulas whether for human use or Glucosamine for dogs or cats all have extra ingredients that are healthy for joints. 

To date, Synflex® has sold well over 1 million bottles of their products in over 140 countries. And, they now also offer a topical pain reliever for those who want short-term relief from sore muscles and joints.

So, which liquid Glucosamine is the best?

Within a few short years, others came to market with their liquid products. However, far too many just do not seem to match the performance of Synflex. There are reasons for that are quite technical. In brief, the other formulas were short on joint-healthy ingredients. And, some simply ignored other essential ingredients such as Chondroitin Sulfate.

Shopping online

This writer believes that the best possible product on the market is Synflex®. And, the proof is in the numbers. Companies do not sell over a million bottles of liquid Glucosamine if it is not a premium product. And, their Glucosamine formulas as pharmaceutical quality as well.

Scams are all over the internet

If you are shopping online, please avoid websites that claims to list “the top ten Glucosamine products of the year.” Most of them list products that you have never heard of and the person who claims to know it all is nothing but a sales affiliate of each one of these ten companies. So, they get a commission no matter what you buy. This is not an evaluation of performance. It is simply someone who is “picking your pocket.”

Beware of this company:

There is one liquid Glucosamine company that uses a .org website to offer its “top pick for a liquid Glucosamine product.” The fact is, the seller of this product is the owner of that .org website that appears to be a “non-profit” site. Furthermore, when you get to their website, they also claim that their “Glucosamine is superior.” No such thing. It might be a good quality Glucosamine or not. But one thing it is not is “superior.” 

This same company was sued and on discovery it was found that “they were writing their own testimonials.” Now, just how bad is that? Do you really want to do business with someone who uses tactics like that?

You can limit the time you spend searching for the best liquid Glucosamine by going to the testimonials on the Synflex® website. It is an amazing experience to read about the experiences of others using this product.


To healthy joints!