Rimadyl® Is Not The Only Problem

Pet owners who have had Rimdayl® prescribed for their arthritic dog has heard the stories. Rimadyl® can cause internal bleeding, liver failure, and bloody diarrhea. There is no denying that these severe side effects may occur in your pet. There are other NSAID’s that are prescribed that can cause the same problems for an arthritic dog as well.

Now, we have Dermaxx®, Metacamm® Zubrin® and more. They all offer up the same kinds of side effects yet they are among the most prescribed medications for dogs issued by veterinarians.

The objective is to give your pets the best life possible so they are free to run and jump with healthy joints. And to do that, the vet relies on these medications to get the job done because that’s what has been prescribed in the past. But given the dangerous side effects, I have to question why vets want to continue using them when there are other options.

A pharmaceutical-quality liquid Glucosamine product like Syn-flex® provides premium joint care for your pets. And,there are no dangerous side effects to be concerned about.

I think that far too many vets are “old school” in their thinking. That is, if an NSAID like Rimadyl or a similar drug is available, why not use it? I offer to them that they need to learn more about the Syn-flex® option.

Educate your Vet

Syn-flex® is less expensive; and  as noted,  it has no side effects. Tell your veterinarian about it. Be sure to make a point by taking along some “testimonials.” Those can be found at the following link on the company’s website:

Success Stories

Over the years I have run into this situation time and again. Pets that suffer from hip dysplasia and other joint-related problems and all the vet can think to do is prescribe an NSAID. You can help guide your vet to other alternatives and help your pets in the process. A win-win for all.