Why Synflex® Liquid Glucosamine Is A Superior Product

You can walk into any public supermarket or drugstore and find countless brands of Glucosamine on store shelves. And, they range from very low to very high price tags. But, the real question is “what are you getting for your money?”

Pills and capsules use fillers and binders. And, many of these products use very low-quality Glucosamine in their blends. The clinical testing shows us that only about 13-14% of the Glucosamine is actually effective when you take it. Contrast that with the Syn-flex® liquid formula where you absorb as much as 86-87% of the Glucosamine.

liquid glucosamineIt is pharmaceutical-quality liquid Glucosamine with a combination of other joint healthy and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The issue is absorption and bioavailability. Just how much Glucosamine is actually getting into your system? We said it. I very large percentage of the product overall.

The general science seems to support a finding that liquid Glucosamine absorbs more readily and absorbs into your system better than pills or capsules. The fact that pills and capsules are more compressed and loaded with fillers and binders adds another dimension to this argument. And, the coatings on pills can make them more difficult to absorb.

Let’s remember that there is a second step in the digestion process when you take a Glucosamine pill. It has to be broken down before becoming a liquid in your stomach. And, that would mean that Glucosamine will be neutralized by your digestive enzymes further weakening it.
Why Liquid Glucosamine?

This is why in general we can see why those suffering from OA (Osteoarthritis) report fast pain relief when using Syn-flex®. The same is said for family pets as well.

Remember, this is a very powerful product. It does a job like no other; including, the many clones that have come to market since its introduction back in 2000. Try it. Find out for yourself.