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Glucosamine for Senior Citizen’s Day

Give the senior you know the best glucosamine! August 21st is known as Senior Citizen’s Day. It’s gentle reminder to do something for our elders, but more importantly, spend time with them. It’s the one day out the year that

Best Glucosamine for Hereditary OA

Preventative Arthritis Pain Relief We all know that arthritis is an ugly disease. There are so many things against us that just make it a really ruthless disease. The food we eat, the activities we participate in, and now—our genetics.

Arthritis Fighting Orange Creamsicle

Sweet, Cool Glucosamine If you haven’t heard, today is National Creamsicle Day. So in true Synflex fashion, we have an arthritis fighting recipe so you can enjoy a cool treat and and promote cartilage regrowth. We’ve tweaked the Taste of

Glucosamine for International Left Hander’s Day!

Best Glucosamine for the Lefties! You’re either a lefty or right. Some people are lucky enough to be both. There’s always been a quiet battle between left and right. Right and wrong. Creative and analytical. But today, we celebrate the

Best Glucosamine Battle of the Doses

Synflex vs Doctor’s Best You know you have lots and lots of options when it comes to glucosamine. We know that. But there are lots of reasons why Synflex is in fact the best glucosamine supplement out there. Let’s talk

Arthritis Joint Supplements for the School Year

Arthritis Pain Free for Kids’ Activities With kids starting school this month, it reminds us of what it’s like to be young and for most kids, living without arthritis. Kids are so carefree. Besides homework and staying out of trouble,

Doctor Trusted Best Glucosamine Supplement

Arthritis Pain Relief You Trust We have to be very careful with what we consume. What we eat and put on or in our bodies obviously has some impact on our health. That’s why it’s important to research and learn

Being Proactive Pet Parents: Help with Liquid Glucosamine for Pets

Giving Your Dog or Cat Freedom from Joint Pain We like having the freedom to do what we want without feeling arthritis pain. Going out for jog or playing with our kids (or grandkids) without grimacing in pain. Our pets

No More Dog Joint Pain for Shadow

How Dog Joint Supplements Worked for Shadow We have another great story to share with all of you today.  Our office spoke with Margaret last week, who suffered from dog joint pain. She followed up by sending us a picture

Glucosamine Works for Dog—Elle’s Story

Dog Joint Supplements for Elle’s Dog If you’ve ever wondered if glucosamine will work for dogs, here is your answer straight from one of our customers.  Elle posted on our Facebook wall this morning. I first started buying Synflex when

National Tequila Day—and Synflex Glucosamine

Mixing Tequila and the Best Glucosamine Wouldn’t you know it?! Today is National Tequila Day! That means you have a free pass to indulge in an adult beverage. Maybe you can’t drink during the work day, but come 5 pm,

Power Plus for Tennis

Part of the Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement Your Tennis Family Tennis is on the minds of many spectators as of late. With the ATP World Tour underway, we’ll be watching ESPN closely to see which top 8 will compete. We’re

Best Glucosamine Supplement for Dancing

Summer is just about over, which means brides and grooms are taking advantage of the warmer weather and sunshine (for the most part) to say, “I do.” For parents on both sides, this is a momentous occasion is a very

Glucosamine Works for Dogs

Doggy Joint Care! We absolutely love it when we hear from our customers. This one makes us smile. Meet Callie. Callie looks like a playful pup. Sadly, she wasn’t able to be so playful. Here is the note we got

Freedom with the Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement

Finding Freedom with Arthritis Joint Supplements July is Freedom month at Synflex! We are thankful for the freedoms we have. One of the ways we honor our freedoms we live with everyday is by looking for ways to help people

Dog Joint Pain Ice Cream Treats

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs in a Tasty Summer Treat Now that heat has descended upon us, we have to think of fun ways to stay cool—that includes keeping our dogs cool. Summer is when our dogs want to enjoy the

Rheumatoid Arthritis Week

Arthritis Joint Supplements for RA and OA This week is RA Awareness week. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease.  It’s a chronic disease that attacks the synovium, a lining in our joints and organs. It doesn’t only affect our joints.

Tim Burke in Bend, OR and Training

Glucosamine for Tim Burke’s Training I am back in Lake Placid now after a great training camp in Bend, Oregon. Despite a rough start, where we we had a 24 hour airline delay. Bend once again proved to be the

Glucosamine for Football Players

The Best Glucosamine for Football Players Kids love summer. There’s no school. No homework—it’s about having fun. If your son is athlete and on the football team, it’s also about getting ready for the upcoming season. As a parent, you

Arthritis Joint Supplements for National Running Day

43 million runners are active in the US according to Running USA. Today is National Running Day and running is a good way to lose weight and get fit as well as a great cardio for your heart. Part of

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs During Summer Storms

Arthritis Pain Relief for Your Pooch Summer storms are pretty rampant lately. It’s a dangerous time and painful period for us humans, but also for our dogs. We feel extra sensative when it rains because the barometric pressure changes and

Mario’s Dog Joint Pain Relief

Glucosamine Works for Dogs Our customers share their stories for a reason. Today, it’s because glucosamine works for dogs. It’s worked for Shierly and Mario’s dog joint pain. Mario’s pet mom started giving him Synflex dog joint supplements.  Now, he’s

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Summer

Quality Liquid Glucosamine Every kid looks forward to summer. School is finally out. There is time to sleep in, play, watch TV and go on family vacations. For the adults, summer is fun, but not nearly what it is for

My Puppy Has Hip Dysplasia?

By J.R. Rogers For some of my readers, it comes as a shock to learn that puppies can suffer from Hip Dysplasia. After all, one would think that it happens only to older dogs. That is not the case at

Goodbye Glucosamine?

By J. R. Rogers The same company that is touting their product with Hyaluronic acid in their ads (Goodbye Glucosamine) actually sells another product that they That “headline” is an interesting advertisement that is showing up on some of the

Internet Glucosamine Ads

By J.R. Rogers Consumers are always asking me what to make of some of those ads that appear on the search engines. And, it is a fair question. Many of these advertisements are paid for and frankly, are not fair

Glucosamine Differences: Synflex, Instaflex, Beneflex

Which is a better arthritis Synflex made a promise to the public (more importantly, our customers) at the beginning of the year and again at the beginning of May in honor of Arthritis Awareness Month, to provide quality service and

Glucosamine and Super Fit Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

Thirsty Thursday On a hot summer day, all you want to do is drink a nice cold something and quench that thirst! If it had a shot of glucosamine and it was good for you, would it matter? Well of

Chicken Waldorf Kind of Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis Friendly Recipes Chicken is one of the healthier meats we can eat. Furthermore, It’s lean and fairly easy to prepare. Now you can add an ingredient that’s helpful for you joints as well. Waldorf salad is usually made with

Arthritis Pain Relief with Salmon and Asparagus

Arthritis Friendly Dinner Joint health is only achieved when we figure out all possible agents that cause arthritis. What you put in your body as a huge impact on your health and the health of your joints. This is perhaps,

Orange Banana Smoothie for Arthritis

Sipping Arthritis Away We’re going to start something new on our blog to help you achieve the ultimate level of joint health.  We’ll post arthritis friendly recipes using the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement there is. In other words, we’ve come

Liquid Glucosamine for Rescued Pets

Rescues Need Arthritis Pain Relief Too! Animal cruelty and neglect really bothers us. Almost all of our staff have pets; many are rescues. It’s our rescues that need extra love to make up for the lack of and hurt they

Arthritis Pain Relief for You and Your Pet

Tyson and His Dad’s Story Synflex is serious about arthritis joint care.  We were founded out of one man’s need to find the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement to help with his own journey back to healthy joints.  So when we

Dog Joint Health Care

Mixing Dog Joint Supplements with Food Dogs can be like children when it comes to taking medicine. They hate it. They spit it out. They have fits. It can be even harder to give a dog medicine because you can’t

Gluten Free Glucosamine

Arthritis Supplements for a Gluten Free Diet Gluten has become such a bad word lately. Celiac disease (gluten intolerance in humans) has put a spotlight on gluten free foods. It’s become a trend, even for people who don’t have the

Meet Mox: K9 Officer Using Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

Arthritis Supplements for Dogs and K9 Officers Synflex has a special announcement.  We take great pride in providing liquid glucosamine for dogs. Our four legged friends experience the awful pain accompanied by arthritis. It is our pleasure to provide arthritis

Celebrex Alternative: Glucosamine from Synflex

Harmful Side Effects vs Natural Glucosamine NSAIDs are the way people find arthritis pain relief because it’s easy to take a pill. The commercials are all too alluring, showing us happy people doing what they love, being active. We have

The Liquid Glucosamine Difference

The Liquid Glucosamine Difference There is about a month or so left of the academic school year left, which means many families will be going on Summer vacations. It’ll be a much needed reprieve for not only the kiddos, but

Exercises for Arthritis

Combining Exercise and Liquid Glucosamine Let’s face it. Arthritis hip pain down right sucks—especially now that temperatures are climbing and it’s so much nicer outside than it was a month ago. But that debilitating pain in our hips can make

Words from Synflex for Athletes Biathlete

Using Arthritis Joint Supplements During the Off Season Okay all you Winter sports fans! We’ve heard from our favorite Olympic Biathlete and Synflex or Athletes users, Tim Burke. He had a great season and now it’s time for a break.

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